Prayer Concerns

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Prayer Concerns

Brenda Baldwin, friend of Tim Trent

Katherine Blair, niece of Becky Kelly

Lois Bowles

Greg Coleman, nephew of Janie Simpson

Jim Davis

Andy Dellinger, son-in-law of Virginia Rosser

Men’s Emmaus Walk #111, March 26th – March 29th

Doris Fitzgerald, Brian Ross’ grandmother

Clyde Garrett, uncle of Sandy Yeatts

Thomas Grant of Grant’s Glass

Jim Hartman, Tracy’s brother-in-law

Jimmy Huskey

Becky Jackson, step-mother of L.R. Jackson

Carolyn Jones, sister of Lorraine Carter

Norma Kernodle, friend of Sandy Yeatts

B.A. Klein

Jamie Lane, niece of Pam Gordon

Patricia Wells-Lander

Larry Lehman, friend of Ken Copeland

Michael Mariannino, friend of Ken Copeland

Faye Newton, friend of Carolyn Overton

Andi Otey, daughter of Seth & Jessi Otey

Melissa Parks

Susan Paul, friend of the Cave’s

Asher Pleasants, son of Cheryl Phaup Pleasants

Marie Powers, mother of Bill Powers

Thomas Reed, nephew of Cecil Yeatts

Carol Anne Reynolds, friend of Joyce Eggleston

Shirley Rickman

Ed Roberts, Sr.

Valerie Stimpson

Wade Stimpson

Pam Tracy, friend of Ken & Kathryn Copeland

Issac Watson, Sr., son-in-law of Reverend Williams

Frank Watson

Andrew Whiley, father of Jordan Whiley

Jim Whitlock

Dennis Woody

On-Going Prayer Concerns

Sergeant Bob Agee, son of Pam Gordon

Asia Agnew, friend of Brenda Rawlings

Andy and Diane Andrews, friends of the Caves

Matthew Barnett, grandson of Linda/H.A. Saxtan

Betty Coleman, sister-in-law of Janie Simpson & Celia Jo Young

Thomas Grant of Grant’s Glass

Margaret Ann Hargrove, The Woodlands

Doris Hatcher, aunt of Kim Yeatts

Pam Hubbard, aunt of Joyce Eggleston

Charlotte Huskey, Brookview

Susan Hutcherson, sister of Lenwood Jackson

Alma Lewis, Brookview

Tripp Martin, great grandson of Pearl Norman

Rob Maxey

Billy Mills, Runk & Pratt Pearls of Life

Peggy Munden, aunt of Gail Cave

Howard Noel, brother of John Noel

Mary Stanley

Clinton Vick

Bobby Young, uncle of Mary Jo Chassey & Janett Southall